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 Q: How does Publisher account work?

First you need to sign up to create a new account, click here to sign up a new account

Once you register your details, an email will be sent to your mailbox (the email address you register with Star-Clicks). Go to your mailbox, find the email from, open it and find the activation link and click it.

Now that your account is activated you can login to your account, login on

Click on "Pay Per Click Links" on the menu, a new page will open with links for you to click. Click each link and you get paid for each link you visit.

Your balance shows the real time earning of your account. Once you reach your payout limit you can submit a withdraw request by clicking on "Withdraw" link located on the menu.



 Q: How can I register with Star-Clicks?

 To register a new account click on the following link:



 Q: Can I open more than one account with

 As per our terms, you are allowed to have only one account.



 Q: I just registered with Star-Clicks, but I did not receive the activation email?
After you sign up for a new account, you will be sent an email that has an activation link, you need to click that link in order to activate your account.

If you do not see the email, then check "Spam" or "Junk" folder of your mailbox and look for the activation email.

If you have not received the email, then contact us and we activate your account.


 Q: Why the minimum payout is high?

We understand the minimum payout might be high for Silver members however as members submit payouts through different payout methods it would be difficult for us to manage them all. We also reduce the payout limit for certain accounts to $25 and $10 payout limit.



 Q: I'm a Silver member but I receive few links to click, why?

We do not guarantee the minimum number of links for Silver members. The number of ads for Silver members may change from time to time.

 Q: Why do you want me to verify my account?

This measure ensures the right person is using
As Star-Clicks is transferring funds to members to prevent possible frauds and according to anti money laundering law we need to know  the identity of the person receiving funds.

Please note that you only need to complete this process once.



 Q: How should I verify my account?

In order to verify your account, you need to login to your account and click on "Verify my account"
You will need to provide a valid mobile phone number with its international format, (what is a correct mobile format)

After providing the phone number click on "Send the code" button, a code should be received by your phone, enter the code in the box and press the "Submit" button.



 Q: I do not have a mobile phone, how can I verify my account?

If you do not have a mobile phone to receive the code, you can send us a photo ID.

We accept any form of national ID from your country, this can be a valid passport, national identity card, student card or Government ID.

You can send your ID by email or fax, by email send to and by fax to +44 207 691 9584

Once we receive your ID we verify your account.



 Q: What type of IDs do you accept?

We accept any form of national ID from your country, this can be a valid passport, national identity card, student card or Government ID.

You can send your ID by email or fax, by email send to and by fax to +44 207 691 9584

Once we receive your ID we verify your account.



 Q: Is it safe to send you my ID?

We do not keep your ID. Once your account is verified, your ID will be removed / deleted from our system. If we need your ID again, we will ask you to send us.



 Q: Is there any other ways to verify my account?

If you are not able to verify your account using the methods given, contact us and we will give you a call to verify your account.



 Q: What if I do not verify my account?

If you do not verify your account you will not be able to withdraw money from your account.



 Q: Must I verify my account before upgrading to Gold membership?

You can upgrade your account to Gold membership if your account is not verified. You can verify your account at anytime.



 Q: How can I withdraw funds from my Star-Clicks account?

We support different methods of payouts. We can send your funds by following methods:

Paypal, Alertpay, Bank transfer (wire transfer), Cheque, Liberty Reserve and Western Union

We can not send cash by post.

Some payout methods may not be available in your country, to make sure if a payout method is available in your country please contact us or submit a ticket.



 Q: What are the withdrawal fees?

We charge $15 to issue a cheque, including postage fee. Bank transfer has a charge different depending on the country, normally not over $15 per transfer.

We do not charge on all other payout methods.



 Q: How long will it take to send my payout?

It normally takes 7 working days to send your payouts. In some cases it might take longer.

Bank transfer may take up to 15 working days to settle the transfer in your account from the day we send your funds.

Western Union payout might take up to 5 days.

UK bank transfer takes 1 working day as we use fast transfer method free of charge.

Bank transfer to other countries may inccure bank charge, the maximum charge for a transaction to be sent to a bank account in other countries including USA, EU and Asia is $15

A cheque needs at least 2 weeks to be received by you.



 Q: It is more than 15 days my payout is pending, why?

If it is more than 15 days that your payout is still pending, then contact billing department by sending an email to you can also submit a ticket from your account panel.

Most payouts are released automatically however if you believe there is a delay in your payout release you need to contact us or submit a ticket from your panel to notify us as we do not monitor all payouts. 

 Q: What is "Auto Payout" option?

By enabling this option you will receive automatic payouts before reaching your payout limit. Payouts are sent periodically and automatically. Enabling this option is good if you would like to receive payouts earlier and faster than payout limit.

Auto payouts are sent automatically, the more balance you have in your account, the more likely auto payouts are triggered and you receive auto payouts.
To enable Auto Payout login to your account and find "Auto Payout" from your account menu.
For example you have $35 balance in your account and you receive $5 auto payout then your balance will be $30 after auto payout.

 Q: What is Gold Membership?

Gold membership provides more links to click as well as more tools to increase your revenue. Gold members are provided more links to meet the daily estimate, Gold members also receive extra tools and startup guide to make it easier to reach daily estimate.

A Gold member has access to ads on several advertising networks in joint connection with different advertising networks.
To see full benefits of Gold membership click on "Upgrade" link in your account.

 Q: Why should I upgrade my account?

Gold membership is for those who want a faster method of earning while Silver members receive limited number of links.
As it is not possible to provide everyone with Gold membership we have levelled up memberships into Silver membership and Gold membership. Silver members receive limited number of links and number of links are not guaranteed also it will take longer to reach payout limit. Gold members receive almost all available links and reach payout limit faster. To see how much you earn as Silver member and Gold member please find the estimate daily earning in your account.

 Q: I do not have money but I want to upgrade my account, what can you do for me?

That is no problem. We understand you may have difficult situations and you can not pay to upgrade your account.
You may upgrade your account to Gold membership by paying from your balance when you reach Gold membership fee in your Silver account. Once you earn Gold membership fee as a Silver member you will see an option in your account allowing you to pay from your balance to upgrade your account to Gold membership. We will deduct the fee and upgrade your account to Gold membership.



 Q: How much do I earn with Gold membership?

To see how many links you will receive and how much you will be earning as a Gold member, login to your account and find "Estimate Gold Earnings" on account's overview page which shows how much you will be earning daily if you are a Gold member.

As a Gold member you will be provided with a large number of links to click which some members find it difficult to reach the daily estimate displayed on the account overview page and still earn for the links they click.



 Q: Is it guaranteed that I make money with Gold membership?

Yes, It is guaranteed to provide Gold members with more links to meet the minimum daily earning.



 Q: How can I get my account Gold membership?

You can upgrade your account to Gold membership using several methods:


Credit Cards: We accept VISA / MasterCard. Unfortunately, this method of upgrade is not available in all countries including Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya,  Islamic R. of Iran, R. of China, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lebanon, Syria, Lithuania.

PayPal: You can upgrade your account to Gold membership with Paypal, available to all countries. To visit PayPal web site click here

AlertPay: You can upgrade your account to Gold membership with Alertpay, available to all countries. To visit Alertpay site click here

Liberty Reserve: If you do not have a credit or debit card then you can pay by Liberty Reserve, available to all countries
Liberty Reserve is an online electronic money transfer used world wide.
Visit Liberty Reserve web site

Shareit!: If you wish to pay by credit card / bank wire / cheque then try Shareit, available to all countries


Moneybookers: Using Moneybookers you can use bank transfer to upgrade your account, available to all countries. To visit Moneybookers web site click here


Western Union: To upgrade by Western Union please contact support department.

If you still have problems upgrading your account please send an email to 



 Q: How much is Gold membership upgrade fee?

The Gold membership upgrade fee is USD45



 Q: How can I request a refund?

You need to send your request to billing department by email to 



 Q: How secure is Star-Clicks and how safe is my date?

Star-Clicks uses the most modern technologies, the most thorough test methods and experienced specialists to protect your data and prevent fraud. Star-Clicks is certified in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). PCI is a standard defined by Visa and MasterCard that ensures the safe handling of card and account data. All data is stored in encrypted form and is only transferred using state-of-the-art encryption (SSL). is verified, regulated and certified by Verisign and COMODO Group.



 Q: How is my personal data used?

Star-Clicks will use the personal data provided upon registration and during the use of the account only for purposes pertaining to the management of the account as well as for fraud prevention and risk management purposes.



 Q: How do I protect myself against phishing?
Phishing is a portmanteau put together from "password" and "fishing." With the help of deceptive e-mails, the sender attempts to obtain information such as your card number, passwords, account information or other personal information under false pretences.
If fraudulent e-mails with alleged Star-Clicks reply addresses are sent to you, delete these e-mails immediately and do not under any circumstances follow the instructions they contain. In this type of e-mail, you will be asked to disclose personal information, your account number, your user name or your password.
Please be sure to always check that the correct Internet address (URL) is being used and that a secure connection exists (https:// or the lock symbol ) whenever you use the Web site. In order to be sure that the Star-Clicks Web site displayed is not forged, the site has special certificates that are automatically checked by the browser once the site has been accessed. You can check a site by clicking the right mouse button while the cursor is within the boundary of the site. A pop-up window is displayed in which you can select "Properties" and then "Certificates." With the displayed certificate you can verify the authenticity of the Web site.


 Q: How can I be sure that my Internet connection is secure?

When you visit your account area pages, make sure your page starts with "https://" This ensures your connection is secure.





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